Yellow Bamboo Plant with Taper Ball Planter


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 bamboo plants have eye-catching shapes, swirls, or braided stalks, and are frequently spotted in offices and residences for the purpose of good feng shui. They can also be trained so that stalks grow straight as an arrow and are adorned with smallish, simple floppy green leaves. Though the plant looks like bamboo and grows fast like bamboo (it can grow well over a foot in six months), it’s not related to it at all, and it’s actually more of a succulent plant. Be aware that this plant is not lucky for pets because it’s toxic to cats and dogs.

Scientific name: Dracaena sanderiana

Common name: Lucky bamboo, friendship bamboo, ribbon plant


  • This plant is easy to maintain with minimal care needs.
  • It can be grow without soil.
  • This plant is famous to bring good luck an prosperity according to feng shui.
  • Easily survives indoors without sunlight.
  • Makes for a great plant gift for beginners.
  • Bamboo helps to keep the environment clean since it naturally cleans the air.
  • According to legend, the lucky bamboo plant will bring money and luck to the house.
  • In areas with low and indirect light, bamboo plants can be grown without issue. The bamboo plant can live for about ten years if given pure water and unobstructed sunlight.
  • The stems of this plant provide any sort of home with an attractive appearance inside.
  • Homeowners are said to benefit from the fortunate bamboo plant’s positive energy and security.

Plant care

  • Direct sunshine is ideal for lucky bamboo. It can survive with less light, but it won’t grow as much.
  • Don’t use hard water if it is available. Your lucky bamboo will grow much more successfully with purified or distilled water.
  • To keep the roots of the fortunate bamboo from drying out, keep them submerged in water at all times.
  • Avoid keeping the water level too high and make sure only the roots are submerged.
  • Keep the lucky bamboo plant away from vents that are used for heating or cooling. Additionally, keep it away from any cold air.
  • Do not allow dust to collect on the leaves as the plant needs to breathe through its pores. The leaves can occasionally be cleaned with a brush, a wet cloth, or water splashed on it.
  • To keep the stems in place, wrap a ribbon over them. By doing this, the chance of your plant tumbling over due to weight alone is eliminated.
  • If your lucky bamboo is growing in soil, make sure the container has enough drainage.
  • Even though fortunate bamboo plants prefer moist soil, overwatering the ground can stunt the growth of the plant.
  • Only irrigate the soil when the top inch has dried out.


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